Gym Stereotypes

Gymshark Sarah, Sally, Sophie & Sonia

I hope you all enjoyed my first post and have come back for more, because I'm back with a vengeance and blog number 2 is here (WOOOHOOO the crowd go wild). This will be a more light-hearted piece regarding different Gym Stereotypes.

I'm going to start this off with the rather annoying, Henry and His Hat. Why on earth do you need to wear a hat in the gym? You certainty aren't getting sun in your eyes and you look like a tool. Take it off Henry, you silly, silly boy.

Then walks in Gym Shark Sarah. Sarah will be in her 20's, kitted out in her matching 2 piece outfit and be constantly taking pictures of her booty for Instagram. You will find her either squatting, doing cable kickbacks or double stepping on the PowerMill #booty

Opposite from this you will always see a Throwback Betty. Betty will be a more mature women still living in the 80's. She'll be wearing neon coloured Lycra and sometimes throws on a matching headband as well. Still thinks Aerobics is the only class that exists.

Social Sophie will eventually get in the gym, that’s after talking to the receptionist and alllllll the other ladies she sees in the changing rooms for about half an hour. Then when she does step foot in the gym she will be straight on the treadmill, walking next to Chatty Chelsea for a good chinwag. The only workout these two get is a workout for their jaws.

Phone Addict Alex wont be impressed if these two start talking to her. She wouldn't be able to hold a conversation as her eyes are fixated to her phone, posting on social media that she’s 'at the gym' but only does 3 squats and 2 lunges.

Next up we have Rupert the Runner. Rupert doesn't do anything apart from run on the treadmill and have a stretch. He does every single 10k and half marathon and will be sporting a different finishers t shirt each day.

Moving on to the free weight area now, you will hear Gary the Grunter a mile away. With grunts the Williams sisters would be proud of, Gary is annoying as hell. Keep the noise down mate.

Last but not least we have Half Rep Harry. His range of motion is pathetic and lifts weights wayyy too heavy for him to handle. No matter how many times you tell him, he will never listen and always have shit form. Work on the tekkers and go lighter bro.

That concludes my Gym Stereotypes and I'm sure you can all relate to a few of these. You're more than likely one of them yourself. Which one would you say you are?

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