No Gym, No Problem

When people want to get fit, tone up or lose weight they automatically think 'I need to join a gym'. However, the gym isn't for everyone. Some people don't like gyms full stop, some can't afford memberships and other find them quite intimidating. So if you want to get fit without going to the gym and without wasting hundreds of pounds on pointless home gym equipment, (that will only end up in the garage after using it once, or be hidden under a mountain of clothes) then give this a go.

You can get a good workout in the comfort of your living room, garden (or bedroom oi oi) by using just one piece of equipment, your body weight. Improving your fitness and changing your body shape can be done with a range of body weight movements. You don't need to use 5 different cardio machines, 10 resistance machines and 15 free weight exercises to see results.

Here's a little circuit you can try without needing any equipment at all!! Whether you're new to exercise or are a regular gym goer, this circuit can be done by anyone, just go at a pace suitable for you. Do 30 seconds each exercise, then rest for 30 seconds after. 1 round of the circuit only takes 7 and a half minutes, ‘I haven’t got time to exercise’ isn’t an excuse for this one. Take a minute breather when you’ve completed the first round, aim to do 2-4 rounds. On your marks, get set, GO.

1) Squats

2) Press Ups

3) Mountain Climbers

4) Alternate Lunges

5) Reverse Crunches

6) Dips

7) Burpees

8) Jump Squats

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