Run Forrest, RUN!

Lets talk about running. Some love it, some hate it. Some people only run, some have never even tried it and others will avoid running at all cost. I go through stages with most things in life, including running. I've done 5ks, 10ks, half marathons and even braved a full marathon. I hated the training for the longer distances (not that i done much to be honest) but absolutely loved the actual events. Running alongside thousands of people, with members of the public lining the streets cheering you on is a great feeling. If you've never taken part in a running event then I would 100% recommend doing at least one.

Does the thought of distance running put you off? Running 13 miles does sound a lot (well it is a bloody long way), but is possible for ANYONE to run this far. Running is very mental, if you've got a strong mind then this will help a lot. Distance running will challenge you, the little voice in your head will tell you to stop at some point or ask you, am I ever going to finish? When I done my first ever half marathon I thought id never see the finish line and the marathon, well that felt like I was running round the entire coast of Australia.

With a proper training plan and gradual increases of distance 13.1m or 26.2m CAN be achieved! New to running? Why not start with a park run. Its an organised 5k run held every Saturday in local parks up and down the country. Get a few of these under your belt and you'll soon get the running bug, trying to beat your time each week searching for them PB's. Here's a little training plan to help you build up to a 5k run. You will gradually build up the distance over 6 weeks until you're ready for the 5k. You can walk the first couple, build up to walk/run and over time when your confidence builds can run for as long as you can, then do the full distance.

Week 1

Tuesday 1k

Saturday 1k

Week 2

Tuesday 1.5k

Saturday 1.5k

Week 3

Tuesday 2k

Saturday 2.5k

Week 4

Tuesday 3.5k

Saturday 4k

Week 5

Tuesday 4.5k

Saturday 4.5k

Week 6

Tuesday 1.5k

Saturday 5k

Happy Running


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