Summer Body

Enough of this cold, wet weather, summer is finally just round the corner! After what seems like the longest winter everrrr the longer, lighter, warmer days will soon be here. Along with better moods and more smiles, all thanks to a little bit of sunshine. That’s enough of me being the weather man, let’s move on... it’s clear sky’s in the southeast with highs of 18 today if you’re wondering though.

Every year I hear soo many people talk about getting that ‘summer body’. More often than not most people don’t actually do anything about it, apart from talk about it. Talking isn’t gonna get you fit, even if some people believe it will haha. Hard work and consistency will be key to achieving this. Holiday creeping up and not beach body ready yet? No worries, lucky for you I’ve made a 6 week summer body fitness plan for you all.

Warning: this routine is hard work but stick it out, put the effort in and you will get the results. You can talk the talk but will this summer be the year you actually do something about it and walk the walk?

My 6 week summer body plan can be sent to you or emailed over for just £25. Same price as your pre holiday airport breakfast and beers.

Go get that summer bod


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