Been slacking on my blog post the last few weeks. Having a beautiful 4 month old daughter, planning a wedding and lots of personal training sessions has left with me just enough free time to watch love island for an hour. Its gonna be hard fitting in as many world cup games as I can, but ill give it my best shot. Anyway, I'm BACK BABY! Here's a nice short one to get back into the swing of things and some fresh content for you all to read. Last of all would like to apologise to all my fans around the world for the lack of posts.

This post is based on variety, I see so many people do the same thing over and over again and complain they aren't getting results. No matter how many times you tell some people, they won't break the habit and give up on there shit routine that consists of, half an hour on the x-trainer and 20 sit ups. The body gets used to a routine over time so you need to keep it guessing and mix it up.

I recommend changing your routine every 12 weeks and during the 12 weeks you should always be looking to improve bit by bit. Whether that be a slight increase of weight, squeezing out an extra couple of reps or running that extra few minutes, these small margins will help massively over time.

Alongside changing your routine don't be afraid to try new things. Give some classes a go, go for a swim or play a new sport. Having that variety will take your fitness to another level and is also fun getting out there trying something new.

So if you've been doing the same routine for 8 years, get yourself a fresh routine and try something NEW! Don't know what to do? Then get in contact and I can design you a bespoke 12 week exercise plan tailored to your goals. Variety is key, keep your body guessing and results will follow!

Good to be back on the blog


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