Body Transformation

Are you wanting to change your body shape? It might seem like an impossible task to get the body you desire, but it really isn’t. The right exercise plan, clean eating and a few lifestyle changes will get you a long way to reaching the impossible.

Let’s talk about lifestyle changes. There are soo many ways to be better and help you along the way. Just to name a few here’s what you can do:

  1. Bike to work

  2. Go for a walk on your lunch break

  3. Hit 10,000 steps each day

  4. Be more ACTIVE

  5. Limit your alcohol intake to weekends only

  6. Cut out ALL fizzy drinks

  7. Drink more water

  8. Eat plenty of fruit and vegetables (5 a day minimum)

  9. Get 7 - 9 hours sleep each night

There's a handful of small lifestyle tips for you all to try. They might not seem a lot individually, but if you stick with a couple of them you'll be surprised what benefit it will have on your body. If you want to take it to the next level then why not sign up to my 'Transformation Package'. Which includes the following:

  • 12 Personal Training sessions

  • 12 Week Fitness Plan

  • Food Diary Analysis

  • Nutritional Advice

With my experience, knowledge and extra motivation you will be sure to see changes and transform yourself. Below is a picture of one of my clients, Kev. In just 6 weeks Kev has lost a staggering 7.5kg of FAT. Not weight loss, FAT LOSS!! Kev has been amazing to work with, he has made a real effort to make lifestyle changes for the better. He is consistent with his exercise and boy does he smash his workouts with me, its great to see his progress and that will continue if he keeps it up.

Inspired by Kev? Yeah I thought so. Then get yourself booked in and make 2019 the year you transform yourself!


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